Sustainable Construction

Construction with the environment in mind

When we say we build better.
We mean it.

Using modern methods of construction, our projects are built with sustainability at their core.  

Sustainable construction
How do we do it?

Sustainable construction with SIPS

Wherever possible, we use Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). Panels that are made of an insulating foam core, which is then sandwiched between two pieces of oriented strand board (OSB).  

SIPs can be produced to fit nearly any building design. As well as their sustainable qualities, they make it very easy to build bespoke designs. They are also extremely strong, energy efficient and cost-effective. 

Think of them as a super strong, sustainable flat pack construction kit.

Why do we use SIPs?

Speed, cost savings & environmentally friendly

Yes, this method of building makes projects quicker and more cost effective but there are a number of other benefits to using SIPs in your project. 

  • They improve insulation with excellent thermal performance
  • Better runnings costs 
  • Improved acoustics
  • They make bespoke designs much easier to build 
  • Reduced production and on site wastage
  • Improved air quality in the building 
  • Efficient transportation of materials  
Sustainable construction

“By using SIPs panels over a traditional method of construction, we would be able to achieve a 9 month build programme in 5 months.”

Matthew Abraham

FormFive future tech

But, it’s not just about the materials…

There are other areas of sustainability that we advise our clients on during a project. 

What technology do you plan on using?
We look at how smart tech can make running your house or building more sustainable. 

What heat source are you using?
Whether it’s air, ground, or solar source - we can help.

"Concrete is a major source of carbon, accounting for 1.5% of all emissions in the UK. Construction sector could more than halve emissions from concrete by 2035."

Sustainable construction using SIPS
Need to be more sustainable with your project?

Looking to utilise the benefits of sustainable construction in your project?   

We’ve got you. 

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