Design Management

Time to start putting the plan into action

With a clear idea of your overall objectives and planning permission granted, this is where we start to look at the physical design plans for your project.

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"Design is at the core of every successful construction project. Our job is to create designs that get approval and that can be constructed on time and in budget."

Matthew Abraham


Design Management
Design Management

How does this work?

This is where we start to put your vision onto paper. Working with our partners, we work with you on how your project is actually going to look. It’s time to design!

Commercial management

Having our team involved from the beginning will naturally lead us into the design process. We ensure that any designs have all commercial limitations in mind, resulting in an achievable design that has contingencies in place.

Design that meets expectations

Regardless of which sector your build falls within, it must meet the needs of the developer and user. Our job is to design a requirements specification with our partners and manage the design for all involved.

Management of design vs planning

Throughout the design phase of a project, planning permission is front of mind. The more streamlined the planning process, the better.

Creating ‘buildable’ designs

Without a clear understanding of buildability, it is easy to lose track of costs and timelines. With our concept to completion approach, we can help mitigate any unnecessary surprises.

Compliance management

Without compliance management you are looking at an unbuildable scheme. With vast knowledge of building regulations, and mechanical and electrical services, we’ll get you on track.

How we work

The reality of your viability study

Clearly defined goals, deliverables, real costs and timelines are vital when you start a construction project. Here’s how we get you started on the right foot.


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Detailed report

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Moving forward

We talk through the study and look at your possible next steps. Remember, we can help from concept to completion.

Clear on the plan but not sure where to start with the design?

Planning permission and the design of your project go hand in hand. 

Are you confident with one but not the other? 

We can help where resource is lacking.

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