FormFive is able to fulfil complete construction services from viability studies to build completion. FormFive operates a five-tier system that can be adapted to any construction requirement of its clients.

FormFive has a clear and ambitious vision; to be an industry leader in construction that transforms the traditional delivery of a construction project into a collaborative, modern and inclusive process for its clients.

As a main contractor, FormFive will maintain first class services and defragment the cycle of the project so that the client has the ability to collaborate directly with the design and development from day one.

The unique ability to take construction from viability study to build completion will reduce costs and simplify the overall project.

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Viability Studies

  • Management of the Master Plan

To identify and create a site plan in line with what would get planning permission & commercially maximise the output.

  • Pre-Planning and the Planning Application Services

Manage with our partners the works involved in getting the main scheme through the planning process.

  • Project Returns and Exit Strategies

With our funding partners and real-estate contacts, provide reports with exit options on investments. Essentially, we can calculate the returns on the construction product.

  • Funding Option Analysis

With our funding partners we can offer a complete investment option. Rates, terms, and final agreements can be managed through Form Five Group.

  • Timeline Management 

The essential part of any development or construction delivery is the realistic understanding of the key timelines. From concept to handover, we will openly communicate key milestones and update the project team. This can also include commercial aspects such as incoming funding and cash flow forecasts.


Project Planning

  • Buildable Solution Information

Our information offering from costs to design is based on delivered schemes meaning the info is accurate. We have identified through recent years the traditional consultants repeatedly deliver proposals based on incorrect valuations. This creates ‘non-starters’ and time lost. Our aim is to build a reputation based on accuracy when consulting.

  • Process Management

The Form Five offering is designed to release the workload of the developer or consultant. The benefit for the client is knowing the work is being completed, whereas the benefit for Form Five is the control and being lined up for the construction project. We will ‘manage’ the process in its entirety and report back regularly to our client.

  • Information Translation for our Client

Information is key for our client and, for Form Five this is important to ensure the end user is clear on our offering. We want to get rid of assumptions and misunderstandings throughout the whole process.

  • Contract Preparations

With our partners and experience we will offer a contract service. Matthew Kemshed will be key to compiling the main works contracts and communicating to our client. This will ensure a smooth transition from design to construction.

  • Consultant Information Management

As with point C, we will compile all the information from consultants, engineers and architects then communicate this information to our client. Free flowing information is key but understanding what is being described or drawn will equal a build in line with expectations.


Design Management

  • Commercial Management of Designs

Our involvement from ‘early doors’ will naturally take us through the design process. The advantage to this is Form Five can ensure the design considers the commercial limitations of the scheme. This process will equal a design that is achievable with contingencies against the design output.

  • Ensuring Design Meet the Client’s Needs and Expectations

Regardless to the sector of the building requirements it must meet the needs of the developer/end user. We will design a requirements specification with our partners and manage the design accordingly.

  • Management of the Design Against Planning Advice

We want to ensure the complete process is streamlined as much as possible. The key to this includes the planning process. It is important that the planning permission is considered when designs are being put together. Our internal team and partners will ensure we comply through from concept to delivery.

  • Ensuring the Design is ‘Buildable’

In recent years, the Form Five owners have received tenders for projects that do not consider the build. When buildability is not properly thought about the scheme can lose control of costs and time. Our early engagement will ensure what is being considered from day one is efficient throughout.

  • Compliance Management

Without compliance management the build becomes un-buildable from day one. We hold understandings of building regulations including services such as mechanical & electrical.


Cost Analysis

  • Accurate and Trusting Cost Advice

Cost analysis and advice must come from a source of accurate information. Form Five has a library of accurate build cost information which will result in excellent budget advice. This will be key to our client and will safeguard the project finances from the start.

  • Land Procurement Valuation & Advice Through Trusted Partners

Form Five aims to offer a complete report services on land opportunities including procurement advice. This will give Form Five the opportunity to deliver for our clients from steps prior to land purchase and give confidence in our complete service.

  • Construction Cost Plans Against Actual Cost Databases 

Form Five will be able to give accurate budgets based on a described project. In short-should our client want to build ten, three bed dwellings on an open plot of land we would be able to give accurate indications of costs. Lined up with our planning and consultation services we can offer valuable advice.

  • Cash Flow Forecast Information

Our experience in quantity surveying and understanding of valuations and costs will enable us to offer cash forecasts. Traditionally this is offered when in construction, however we aim to capture all valuations from pre site purchases onwards.

  • Open Cost Information for Easier Client Information Integration

Our ethos when dealing with information with our clients is to be open and honest. Cost information is key to the client’s success and we want to be known as a business that supports all aspects of the delivery. From shared drives to issuing tablets we will endeavour to ensure our client has access to information, especially commercial aspects.


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Five guarantees of
FormFive Construction

The delivery of a construction project against client’s requirements and agreed design.

A project constructed whilst adopting open communication and cost controls.

A self-managed and trusted delivery.

An open & adaptable approach to move with the client’s needs.

A comprehensive aftercare package.

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