Viability Studies

Is your construction project financially & practically viable?

One of the first things we do with all clients is a FREE viability study. With this we can advise on the possibilities, costs and potential risks within your plans.

An essential starting point for any new construction project.

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"We can look at a plot of land, potential development or acquisition and ascertain the real value for you."

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Viability Studies
Viability Studies

Why undertake a viability study?

Lack of proper planning and increased risk can be costly in the world of construction.

Part of our job is to reduce said risks and get your project started on the right foot.

Define the strategy

We get under the skin of your project and work with you to create a site master plan. Two of the main considerations at this stage are planning permission & how commercially sound the plans are.

Pre-planning & planning application

In collaboration with our industry partners, we take on the planning phase, making sure no stone goes unturned.

ROI & exit strategies

Exit options are important to have in mind. With our funding partners and real-estate contacts we provide reports to break these down for you. We can calculate the returns on any construction product. 

Funding options

Again, collaborating with our funding partners we can offer complete investment options. Rates, terms and final agreements - all manageable through us.

Accurate timeline

Understanding the key timelines of any construction project is essential. From concept to handover, we make sure there is open communication with the project team on areas like incoming funding and cash flow forecasts.

How we work

The reality of your viability study

Clearly defined goals, deliverables, real costs and timelines are vital when you start a construction project. Here’s how we get you started on the right foot.


Send us your info

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Initial phone call

One of our team will reach out to find our more about your project.


FREE consultation

We discuss your broader project objectives and gather more detailed information.


Detailed report

You will receive a full viability report within two weeks.


Moving forward

We talk through the study and look at your possible next steps. Remember, we can help from concept to completion.

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Do you have a new project in the pipeline but need to check how viable it is before giving the go ahead?

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